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Waiting for service at Registro Público in Mexico City Field office of PFP (Mexican highway patrol) Mixture of old and new found in many small towns
Civil and criminal files are not archived on computer Drilling holes to tie together a court file Marriage, birth, death & divorce records found here
Hand search of marriage records in a small town Mexican records are based upon use of two last names Radio is helpful for locating people throughout the country
Successfuly used to find people Newspaper announcements often used to locate people Just half of Mexico City white pages
Mexican laws are strict Bills are paid in person and with cash in Mexico Two policemen burned alive by a mob while on surveillance
Mexico Investigations is located in the middle of Mexico Government permision required to work as investigator Cars are registerd in one of the 31 states
Vendors selling to drivers stuck in Mexico City traffic Working with Federal Police at accident scene Hot water is a luxury at small town hotels
Mike McHenry ready to deliver mail On the job in a mountain village Traffic fatalities are sensationalized (actual case)
Taking DNA sample in a paternity case Caught together in a matrimonial case Hidden time lapse camera image
Retrieving records at Guatemala border Research at small village clinic Visiting a widow in mountains of Hidago state
Crossing San Ysidro Crossing:  "USA (background) starts at black and yellow stripe" "Mexican hotel courtyard" "Billboard in Mexico tourist area near U.S. announcing services available in Spanish"


Road Hazards (All photos taken on assignment)

Federal highway police roadblock
Automatic weapons assure compliance at roadblocks
Slow down!
Typical conditions in Mexico City
Flagman in
road without prior
warning signs
Not an unusual sight Religious procession on roadway Road at right leads to a witness' house On bypass at Cuernavaca Rainstorm in central Mexico
More rainstorm hazards Frequent sight on rural roads Most rural highways have no shoulder for disabled vehicles Roads are usually not cleaned after an accident Rainstorm just outside Mexico City
Overloaded. Weigh stations are rare. Highway outside Monterrey No jack, no problem! Four men standing in road lifting a car Tried to make a U-turn near Cd. Juarez Night driving is avoided
Tsuru Damage
Tsuru damage:  "Result of our night driving collision with a horse" Overweight truck"  "Front wheels barely touch the road" "Protestors extorting money from motorists" "Another road hazard" "Roadblock looking for smugglers and stolen cars"