Finding People in México

There is no single fee for finding anyone here. Each request is different and results in a unique end cost. What we “sell” and deliver are our best efforts based upon several years of experience while doing this full time here in Mexico.

There are practically no public records useful toward finding anyone in Mexico. Unlike the U.S. or other prolific information gathering countries, records are maintained here to protect the privacy of citizens from unwarranted snooping. There are no online searches for $29.99, $49.99 or at any price, and no public places to walk in and find a self-serve government computer terminal, except in Monterrey. The information useful for finding people is within the non-public records of various Mexican government offices. We have developed special access to this information, for which we base our fees.

It is very, very important that you provide useful information from which to initiate a search. Mexican records are organized with the use of both last names. This is the practice in all of Latin America. Every person has a given name, the last name of their father and the maiden name of their mother. This is how they are known all their lives. Married women do not legally change their name. Without both last names, your search results may be compromised or fruitless. This is especially true if the last name(s) you provide are common names and the search is likely to be in a metropolitan area.

A date of birth is also important to provide. There are many common names in Mexico. In a place like Mexico City, there could be dozens of persons with names just like the one you wish to find. Citizenship is another important piece of information as that affects where searching is done.

It is Mexican custom to do business face to face and to have a feel for the person seeking assistance. Telephone research rarely works as people here are reluctant to disclose anything personal over the phone with a stranger. This has become much more common with the increase in kidnappings and extortions. Mexicans want to meet and know who is asking, and to feel comfortable about the person inquiring. Here, it is very easy to say, “No”, by telephone. A routine gratuity for favors and assistance cannot be tendered by telephone.